Mary Lynn

Having a facelift under the auspices of the cosmetic surgeon and his skilled team is a dream and should be the only way to go for that major surgery. I was very scared, as you know, but as soon as I got to Celaya and met the cosmetic surgeon
and Andrea, I knew I was in capable hands and knew it would work well. They are, as advertised, the two nicest and most caring, fun and warm people I’ve ever met…and when you meet him, you just KNOW he’s going to take your face and treat it right! He did that with me. I am still healing, of course, but I can tell the results will be very good. I look like myself, except more “refreshed”, which is important when considering facelift surgery, because you don’t want to come out of it looking younger but like someone else! They did all the testing and consultation when I got there and I’m basically a healthy gal, so that went well. One who is considering this surgery should be in overall good health and get “in training” by
exercising, etc., as much as possible before the trip, because I think it makes it easier.

When I met Andrea, who I just loved (the surgeon’s assistant), I told her that I would consider it all a big success if I could come out looking like her!!(just kidding). But, you know her, and it would be hard for anyone anywhere to look like
her under any circumstances….she’s a beauty and so warm and sweet. I kept wishing I had a daughter just like her. All that and she is a competent nurse and assistant in a very successful team of doctors. The Surgeon is absolutely delightful in every way, really knows “his stuff” and Brad and I felt like the most fun of the trip was riding over from Celaya to San Miguel with them, talking about politics and history and a whole bunch of stuff and getting to know them. He’s an incredibly bright man, and very down-to-earth. Great person. I am about to write him a thank-you note.

San Miguel was everything you described and more….what a town! I was up and around the third day (or two days after surgery), which I would have never believed would have been the case…but I would caution not to overdo it right away as
is easy to do in San Miguel as there is so much to see and do…the fourth and fifth days I kind’ve “laid low” in the hotel room with audio books, which were a salvation, because you can’t read very well then. But Brad didn’t lay low and was
out and about having a ball in this beautiful Spanish town. The weather is perfect every day, it’s incredible. So peaceful and quiet….just the sun, the old cathedrals, those cobblestone streets and the endless stone walls from the 1600’s! Fabulous. We took a taxi tour on Sunday, which was good, because I don’t think I could have walked as much as it would have taken to get an overview of the town. But the last two days, I was totally up and about and eating dinner at different great restaurants downtown and doing a lot of walking…these were things I never pictured being able to do so soon after major surgery.

I would recommend this whole trip and experience to anyone…it is the only way to go.

Thank you, Pat, for facilitating this trip and for being so very helpful all along. If anyone needs further information, please tell them I will be happy to answer questions.

Fondly, Mary Lynn