Jeanie – Complete Face Lift patient, June 2007

Dear Pat:

Let me begin by saying that I am a shopper. I like
to shop (not everyone does). “Due diligence” is not
just a concept with me, it’s my motto. I especially like to find
outstanding bargains. Naturally, a truly outstanding bargain is
only as good as the product or service it provides, and on this
point I do not compromise. I want the best!

When I decided it was finally time for a face lift
(you KNOW that moment), I began shopping. Since I had waited this
long for my surgery I wanted to be sure it was the best investment
of my money, time – and irreplaceable(!) face). Not surprising,
many of the best plastic surgeons are in California. Very expensive.

I made an appointment with one the best surgeons
in my area (a $100 investment), a physician with “an international
reputation” as one of the top surgeons in the U.S., and gave
him “carte blanche” to make an estimate of “everything
he could or would do to improve my face.” I was 61 years
old and figured it was time for a complete overhaul.

His estimate included: a “submental lipectomy” (lower
face/neck lift); “blepharoplasty, quad” (removal of
excess skin and fat from my upper and lower eyelids); “endoscopic
brow lift, standard” (lifting and tightening my forehead
skin using an endoscopic technique with very small scalp incisions);
“subperiosteal midface lift/cheek lift.”

The cost of these procedures would be $16,000 for
JUST the surgeon’s fee (actually, a bargain when compared to California
prices). In addition, there would be the OPERATING ROOM costs
($6,000), the cost of staying one or more nights in the SURGERY
CLINIC post op ($650 per night), and I would be billed separately
for “OTHER FEES”: pathology, laboratory, radiology,
any other “outside” services, including prescription
medications. And, because I was over 50 years old, I was required
to be “cleared by my own physician before surgery,”
including lab work and an EKG. Another $1000? $2000? $3000? This
elective surgery would cost more than $25,000 before I was through!

THE OTHER FEES mentioned above – and it was performed in the FULL
FACILITY HOSPITAL where Dr. Carlos has been Chief of Staff for
20 years!

But this was April 9, and I knew my shopping had
just begun. I spent $240 before I left the surgeon’s office
for my first (and last*) Botox treatment for my frown lines. It
took 10 days for the Botox to “take effect,” and it
had completely worn off by the time I went to Mexico on June 4.
(*Dr. Carlos permanently disabled the muscles which allowed me
to frown – with NO tell-tale scars … and, at $240 per Botox
treatment I won’t have to spend, I figure in a few years
I’ll get all my money back!)

I was not convinced the U.S. has a monopoly on good
surgeons. I searched web sites all over the world< looking for
the most advanced procedures, techniques and surgeons. I started
watching cosmetic surgery shows (“Doctor 90210,” “Nip/Tuck”)
for clues, hints, trails of information to use for searches. I
was a flight attendant for Eastern Airlines and know that shopping
in other countries can often be quite rewarding.
I remembered older flight attendants talking about cosmetic surgery
in Mexico. One day I googled “face lift in Mexico.”
And EUREKA! I found

This web site had it all – international credibility
and nearly 15 years of continuity. I was sold by the time I finished
seeing and reading all the interviews and testimonials. But that
was just the beginning of how sold I was to become. I corresponded
via email with Pat Marino and received an immediate reply. She
gave me her phone number and suggested some times for us to talk.
I am a shopper, but I am also a salesman (real estate) and very
critical of other people’s sales techniques. I could tell that,
besides being, herself, an extraordinarily beautiful example of
Dr. Carlos’ artistic work, Pat believes in her mission. She facilitates
and delivers the most personalized, thorough, soothing and impeccable
services imaginable surrounding this surgery. This incredibly
gifted surgeon – and the enterprising woman who discovered him
for the U.S. – provide state-of-the-art, WORLD CLASS services
that can’t be beat – anywhere.

Once I met Dr. Carlos, I knew for sure I had made
the right choice. He left no question unanswered (and he wanted
to hear ALL the questions). From the moment I met him until the
day he made a “house call” at Casa Marino to remove
my stitches, this charismatic doctor took care of me like I was
one of his prized possessions. No doubt he feels like that about
all his works of art – and no wonder all his patients fall in
love with him!

I am just three weeks post surgery (tomorrow), but already I LOOK
younger, I FEEL younger and I ACT younger. People are noticing
me again. I had almost forgotten what that feels like! I am reclaiming
the power of my youth – with the difference that I now value it
as never before. This face lift has become a defining moment in
my life. I turned 62 in Mexico (but emerged LOOKING 37!). Dr.
Carlos took twenty-five years off my face and neck! THANK YOU,

I will never forget that birthday, nor any moment
of that wonderful birthday week. Thank you, Pat Mario! Thank you,
daughter Melinda Marino (Manager of Casa Marino in Mexico) for
making my stay so much fun and so memorable! I DID NOT WANT TO
LEAVE CASA MARINO! The luxurious spa … breezy courtyard
views … yummy home cooked meals and quaint nearby restaurants
… roof top retreat with spectacular views of the city …
watching the lights come on below after watching the sunset …
airy, spacious, private rooms with private baths … library
of dvd movies (player in each room) and books … free telephone
to home … oh, yeah, and when you read, “Princess and
the Pea beds,” believe it! Comfort and luxury. Now that’s
a vacation!

MADE! Now,
I still can’t believe the amazing bargain I found. What a shopper I am!

Jeanie Thomason, Atlanta, Georgia