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Mary Lynn

Having a facelift under the auspices of the cosmetic surgeon and his skilled team is a dream and should be the only way to go for that major surgery. I was very scared, as you know, but as soon as I got to Celaya and met the cosmetic surgeon
and Andrea, I knew I was in capable hands and knew it would work well. They are, as advertised, the two nicest and most caring, fun and warm people I've ever met...and when you meet him, you just KNOW he's going to take your face and treat it right! He did that with me. I am still healing, of course, but I can tell the results will be very good. I look like myself, except more "refreshed", which is important when considering facelift surgery, because you don't want to come out of it looking younger but like someone else! They did all the testing and consultation when I got there and I'm basically a healthy gal, so that went well. One who is considering this surgery should be in overall good health and get "in training" by
exercising, etc., as much as possible before the trip, because I think it makes it easier.

When I met Andrea, who I just loved (the surgeon's assistant), I told her that I would consider it all a big success if I could come out looking like her!!(just kidding). But, you know her, and it would be hard for anyone anywhere to look like
her under any circumstances....she's a beauty and so warm and sweet. I kept wishing I had a daughter just like her. All that and she is a competent nurse and assistant in a very successful team of doctors. The Surgeon is absolutely delightful in every way, really knows "his stuff" and Brad and I felt like the most fun of the trip was riding over from Celaya to San Miguel with them, talking about politics and history and a whole bunch of stuff and getting to know them. He's an incredibly bright man, and very down-to-earth. Great person. I am about to write him a thank-you note.

San Miguel was everything you described and more....what a town! I was up and around the third day (or two days after surgery), which I would have never believed would have been the case...but I would caution not to overdo it right away as
is easy to do in San Miguel as there is so much to see and do...the fourth and fifth days I kind've "laid low" in the hotel room with audio books, which were a salvation, because you can't read very well then. But Brad didn't lay low and was
out and about having a ball in this beautiful Spanish town. The weather is perfect every day, it's incredible. So peaceful and quiet....just the sun, the old cathedrals, those cobblestone streets and the endless stone walls from the 1600's! Fabulous. We took a taxi tour on Sunday, which was good, because I don't think I could have walked as much as it would have taken to get an overview of the town. But the last two days, I was totally up and about and eating dinner at different great restaurants downtown and doing a lot of walking...these were things I never pictured being able to do so soon after major surgery.

I would recommend this whole trip and experience to is the only way to go.

Thank you, Pat, for facilitating this trip and for being so very helpful all along. If anyone needs further information, please tell them I will be happy to answer questions.

Fondly, Mary Lynn



I know exactly how you feel, I was nervous too, but I am so glad I did it. The surgeon is the one who does all the facelifts on Pat Marino's program. She interviewed tons of different doctors but for lots of reasons she settled on him. She will tell you all about that. I had no complications, but part of the reason I chose to do it in Mexico is that you are in a hospital with full staff and facilities rather than in a doctor's office as an outpatient the way it is commonly done in the States. That way if anything does go wrong, you have the best situation for handling it. And from what I have learned the critical period is the first 24 hours. Usually if anything goes wrong it will be right away. I also asked Pat what if I am not happy about how it turns out, and she said Dr. B would welcome any patient back at no extra charge. I guess this never happens, she says the only complaint she has ever heard is that the results were on the conservative side. It has now been 3 months since my surgery and most people who notice a change think it is my hair. I really haven't changed my hair, but people have complimented my "new hairdo" saying I look 20 years younger with my hair this way! (If you really want to throw people off, change your hair for real.)

Did Pat tell you I kept it a secret from my husband who was away for a month, and always was opposed adamantly to cosmetic surgery. He came back 2 and a half weeks after my surgery and didn't notice it. However his eyesight is not so good. My experience was the bruising was almost gone by about two weeks, but my face was still a little tight and swollen, and people would notice something odd. If you want to do it without anybody realizing it stay away three weeks. I wish I had stayed longer because it turned out to be one of the best holidays I've ever had...I want to go back this year and spend more time there, it was so idyllic, so pleasant, so stimulating and so affordable! I finally told my husband and he was astonished. He really could not tell until he put on his eyeglasses and examined before and after photos. The results are very natural looking. I hated my wrinkly creepy neck and now I have the neck of a 25-year-old, smooth and young. But nobody remembers my old neck. They think I am wearing a new makeup or have a new haircut. Or they think because I recently sold my business that I am so relaxed and rid of tensions. It is really amazing. The fee I paid covered everything, even the pain pills and antibiotics he gave me to take after leaving the hospital, (I didn't need the pain pills, but did take sleeping pills which he also gave me because it was hard to get really comfortable); he removed the stitches at the hotel. No extra charges for anything, but I did tip the driver of the car $10 for each transfer. He even arranged a driver to show up at 5:30 a.m. for the early plane from Leon back to Houston.

After spending time in Mexico I am convinced that the average Latin has an artistic gene, everyone is creative and tuned it to visual aesthetics. One day I noticed the shower curtain in the hotel was tied back with a rosette fashioned from a paper towel. Even the maids are creative and artistic, just for the joy of it. I could go on and on, but I think even if I could afford an expensive US surgeon, why do it any other way? I have seen so many scary facelifts in Aspen from women to whom price is no obstacle. You know that stretched wind-tunnel effect? I was afraid of that.

Feel free to ask me about anything else that comes to mind.

Good luck, Mari


Testimonial of Suzanne - 2005

For the last three or four years every time I passed
a mirror, stood in an elevator alone or caught my reflection on
the oven door, I couldn’t help but pull my cheeks up and
back, watching all those tell-tale lines disappear. Well-meaning
friends and family would ask, “A facelift? You don’t
need it!” My defense: “Good. I’d
certainly hate to look like I needed a facelift. Guess I’ve
caught it just in time.”

Researching facelifts online one day, I
discovered and Pat Marino
, the U.S. agent who developed the company.
I decided to call Pat. Friendly and knowledgeable, she answered
all of my questions, following up with additional information
by email and snail mail. I put together a large file
that included correspondence and phone conversations with prior
facelift patients, Dr. Carlos’ curriculum vitae, board certification
and credentials, info on the hospital, before and after photos,

I was intrigued with the high-tech SMAS (Superficial
Musculoaponeurotic System) procedure Dr. Carlos performed, which
produced an amazing natural, nonoperated-on look. Initially
lured by the low cost and images of relaxing in a hammock with
a margarita and a new face, I realized I had so much confidence
in Dr. Carlos’ expertise and years of experience, that I
really couldn’t imagine going to anyone else.

Pat arranged for a shuttle service to pick us up
at the airport in Leon. As we exited the airport, there
was a man holding a large sign with our name on it; we felt like
celebrities. He greeted us in fluent English, grabbed our
bags and led the way to his large white van, where we and the
only other five Americans on our flight drove in to San Miguel

Throughout our visit we were constantly
amazed at the beauty of the town
; cobblestone streets
lined with trees, bougainvillea and flower-filled courtyards,
all immaculately kept. The climate was near perfect at 6400 feet
with wonderful clean air and sparkling starlit nights. San
Miguel has a reputation for having the best small town dining
in all of Mexico; this is an understatement in our opinion.
The restaurant menus are incredible, everything from giant vegetarian
masterpieces to luscious steaks big enough for two, all reasonably
priced. Enjoying a sunset margarita on the rooftop terrace
of Pueblo Viejo was one of our hangouts.

The morning of surgery, Dr. Carlos’ personal
driver, Juan Miguel, arrived promptly at 10:00 a.m. to pick us
up for the drive to the hospital in Celaya. The 45-minute
was pleasant, as Juan Miguel told us interesting details of each
small town we passed through. Arriving at the hospital,
Dr. Carlos was there to greet us. Waving goodbye to Juan
Miguel, we followed the doctor inside, sat and chatted for a few
minutes until a lab technician signaled that he was ready to begin
the blood work and EKG.

We found the hospital to be clean, modern
and extremely well run
. The nurses and staff were
friendly and punctual. Everything happened in quick succession;
no time to get nervous here. Tests complete, Dr. Carlos
escorted us to his private office where he took several head shots
for my before pictures and described (in perfect English) the
SMAS procedure in more detail. Dr. Carlos showed us to Room 18
and explained dinner would arrive in about an hour, but if we’d
like to get out, there was a nice restaurant across the street
(Robinson’s). The hospital room was comfortably large,
had cable TV with English channels, and hardwood floors.
Dr. Carlos returned promptly at 7:00 p.m. We asked a few
more questions about the Big Day and told him about our dinner
experience. He gave me a light sleeping pill, explaining many
people are a bit nervous the night before and a good night’s
sleep is conducive to a speedy recovery.

The Big Day. Two smiling
nurses arrived about 8:00 a.m. to prep me, while Dr. Carlos personally
put my hair up in several little ponytails. They added a
sedative to the IV line, I was lifted onto the gurney and off
we went to the operating room. I vaguely remember wheeling
down the hallway, an elevator ride...then waking up in recovery.

Day 2, the morning after surgery,
I felt incredibly good; there was very little, if any, pain.
People are always amazed when I tell them this, but honestly the
most pain I had was getting my wedding ring off before surgery.
I was given a pain pill and antibiotic twice a day, but discontinued
the pain pills on the fourth day. The hospital food was
quite impressive: freshly squeezed orange juice, fresh papaya,
melons and yogurt with live acidophilus were main staples with
every meal. The nutritionist, Ana, visited one day inquiring
as to what I could and could not eat.

A cleaning lady arrived each day and not only mopped
the floor and changed my sheets, but wiped down all of the walls,
windowsills and hanging blinds as well. The nurses were
always cheerful and Dr. Carlos visited a.m. and p.m. to check
things and change my head bandage.

Day 3 finally arrived, my bandages
were removed and Dr. Carlos said, “You can shower this morning
and wash your hair.” After showering, carefully washing
and blow-drying my hair and applying a bit of cover-up and putting
on my Grace Kelly disguise (hat and sunglasses), no one would
have known I’d just had a facelift. I sent digital
pictures home of myself standing in front of the hospital bed
and everyone thought it must be my “before pics” because
I looked so good!

Arriving back at our hotel in San Miguel de Allende,
Pat Marino called to see if all was well. I told her
I was feeling almost fantastic! She said to take it easy
and think about venturing out tomorrow, depending on how I felt.
After a wonderful siesta, we were both so tired of being cooped
up we decided to walk to dinner that first night, anxious to explore
one of the great restaurants on Pat’s “favorites”
list. Wearing my large celebrity sunglasses and a pretty
white scarf I found at a boutique along the way, I really did
look the part of Grace Kelly!

The week ended much too quickly.
We could have explored for another week easily. We rode
back to the airport with a talkative couple from New York who
told us about all their favorite restaurants, none of which we’d
discovered. They also raved about the highlight of their
trip being La Gruta, the natural hot springs nearby.

Home again, my daughter said I still look like her
mother (she was worried she wouldn’t recognize me), and
three weeks later I’m back to jogging the hills behind my

The results are beautiful and graceful,
without that wind tunnel look
. My cheeks are back
up where they’re supposed to be, and I’ve lost that
urge to pull my cheeks back whenever I pass a mirror. The beauty
and tranquility San Miguel will beckon us back soon. Most
of all, I miss those wonderful lazy afternoon siestas.

Suzanne Stringfellow


Jeanie - Complete Face Lift patient, June 2007

Dear Pat:

Let me begin by saying that I am a shopper. I like
to shop (not everyone does). "Due diligence" is not
just a concept with me, it's my motto. I especially like to find
outstanding bargains. Naturally, a truly outstanding bargain is
only as good as the product or service it provides, and on this
point I do not compromise. I want the best!

When I decided it was finally time for a face lift
(you KNOW that moment), I began shopping. Since I had waited this
long for my surgery I wanted to be sure it was the best investment
of my money, time - and irreplaceable(!) face). Not surprising,
many of the best plastic surgeons are in California. Very expensive.

I made an appointment with one the best surgeons
in my area (a $100 investment), a physician with "an international
reputation" as one of the top surgeons in the U.S., and gave
him "carte blanche" to make an estimate of "everything
he could or would do to improve my face." I was 61 years
old and figured it was time for a complete overhaul.

His estimate included: a "submental lipectomy" (lower
face/neck lift); "blepharoplasty, quad" (removal of
excess skin and fat from my upper and lower eyelids); "endoscopic
brow lift, standard" (lifting and tightening my forehead
skin using an endoscopic technique with very small scalp incisions);
"subperiosteal midface lift/cheek lift."

The cost of these procedures would be $16,000 for
JUST the surgeon's fee (actually, a bargain when compared to California
prices). In addition, there would be the OPERATING ROOM costs
($6,000), the cost of staying one or more nights in the SURGERY
CLINIC post op ($650 per night), and I would be billed separately
for "OTHER FEES": pathology, laboratory, radiology,
any other "outside" services, including prescription
medications. And, because I was over 50 years old, I was required
to be "cleared by my own physician before surgery,"
including lab work and an EKG. Another $1000? $2000? $3000? This
elective surgery would cost more than $25,000 before I was through!

THE OTHER FEES mentioned above - and it was performed in the FULL
FACILITY HOSPITAL where Dr. Carlos has been Chief of Staff for
20 years!

But this was April 9, and I knew my shopping had
just begun. I spent $240 before I left the surgeon’s office
for my first (and last*) Botox treatment for my frown lines. It
took 10 days for the Botox to "take effect," and it
had completely worn off by the time I went to Mexico on June 4.
(*Dr. Carlos permanently disabled the muscles which allowed me
to frown - with NO tell-tale scars … and, at $240 per Botox
treatment I won’t have to spend, I figure in a few years
I’ll get all my money back!)

I was not convinced the U.S. has a monopoly on good
surgeons. I searched web sites all over the world< looking for
the most advanced procedures, techniques and surgeons. I started
watching cosmetic surgery shows ("Doctor 90210," "Nip/Tuck")
for clues, hints, trails of information to use for searches. I
was a flight attendant for Eastern Airlines and know that shopping
in other countries can often be quite rewarding.
I remembered older flight attendants talking about cosmetic surgery
in Mexico. One day I googled "face lift in Mexico."
And EUREKA! I found

This web site had it all - international credibility
and nearly 15 years of continuity. I was sold by the time I finished
seeing and reading all the interviews and testimonials. But that
was just the beginning of how sold I was to become. I corresponded
via email with Pat Marino and received an immediate reply. She
gave me her phone number and suggested some times for us to talk.
I am a shopper, but I am also a salesman (real estate) and very
critical of other people's sales techniques. I could tell that,
besides being, herself, an extraordinarily beautiful example of
Dr. Carlos' artistic work, Pat believes in her mission. She facilitates
and delivers the most personalized, thorough, soothing and impeccable
services imaginable surrounding this surgery. This incredibly
gifted surgeon - and the enterprising woman who discovered him
for the U.S. - provide state-of-the-art, WORLD CLASS services
that can't be beat - anywhere.

Once I met Dr. Carlos, I knew for sure I had made
the right choice. He left no question unanswered (and he wanted
to hear ALL the questions). From the moment I met him until the
day he made a "house call" at Casa Marino to remove
my stitches, this charismatic doctor took care of me like I was
one of his prized possessions. No doubt he feels like that about
all his works of art - and no wonder all his patients fall in
love with him!

I am just three weeks post surgery (tomorrow), but already I LOOK
younger, I FEEL younger and I ACT younger. People are noticing
me again. I had almost forgotten what that feels like! I am reclaiming
the power of my youth - with the difference that I now value it
as never before. This face lift has become a defining moment in
my life. I turned 62 in Mexico (but emerged LOOKING 37!). Dr.
Carlos took twenty-five years off my face and neck! THANK YOU,

I will never forget that birthday, nor any moment
of that wonderful birthday week. Thank you, Pat Mario! Thank you,
daughter Melinda Marino (Manager of Casa Marino in Mexico) for
making my stay so much fun and so memorable! I DID NOT WANT TO
LEAVE CASA MARINO! The luxurious spa … breezy courtyard
views … yummy home cooked meals and quaint nearby restaurants
… roof top retreat with spectacular views of the city …
watching the lights come on below after watching the sunset …
airy, spacious, private rooms with private baths … library
of dvd movies (player in each room) and books … free telephone
to home … oh, yeah, and when you read, “Princess and
the Pea beds,” believe it! Comfort and luxury. Now that’s
a vacation!

MADE! Now,
I still can’t believe the amazing bargain I found. What a shopper I am!

Jeanie Thomason, Atlanta, Georgia


Dear Pat:

I had been thinking about getting a facelift for
about two years and did a lot of research online and through friends
before choosing Dr. Carlos. It was a big decision to do surgery
in Mexico.

All the questions one has. were whirling in my
mind: are the hospitals safe? Do they know what they're doing?
Well, choosing Dr. Carlos was the best decision I made. He doesn't
use staples behind the ears like so many surgeons do. He believes
they can cause puckering behind and he chooses to use stitches.
It's more time consuming but the results are so much better. My
friends who have had stapling do appear to have some form of puckering.
He also does not use lipo suction around the jaw line and neck.
Lipo can cause small dents. He removes all fat by hand. Again,
more time consuming, but the results are so much better.

Dr. Carlos only does one facelift surgery a day.
Most of the top surgeons I researched do several and the famous
ones don't do the surgery themselves - they have their assistants
do it while they oversee. That really bothered me.

From the moment I met him, I knew I did the right thing.

The hospital is extremely clean and the staff couldn't
have been nicer. I checked into the hospital the day before my
surgery and met with Dr. Carlos. He explained everything to me
and took photos. One thing I was hesitant about was the brow lift.
I felt I didn't need it. But again Dr. Carlos was correct in explaining
the face is a circle and doing it for me.

The difference was subtle but amazing. The night
before surgery he came to see me and gave me a sleeping pill which
was nice as I was a little nervous. The next morning I was given
a sedative intravenously in my room and the last thing I remember
was being wheeled to the O.R. Dr. Carlos does not use a general
anesthesia - he uses a local IV sedation, and puts you to sleep
with a sedative which is preferable as it is much less dangerous
and you don't have all of the after effects such as vomiting etc.

I slept most of the day and through the night and
was a little groggy. The hospital beds are hard and not very comfortable;
I ended up going over to the lazy boy in my room and sleeping
in that. I had no pain - just a sense of tightness on my face
and neck. It felt good to have a shower on the third day and wash
my hair. I felt a little nervous what with all the stitches around
my ears and everything, so I did it very gently.......and if I
had needed assistance the nurse was right part
of being in a private room in the hospital.......

On the fourth day after my arrival, I was picked
up by the driver and went to San Miguel de Allende to Casa Marino.
It's a lovely place and very comfortable. What I loved best about
it was that everyone who stayed there had surgery so I didn't
feel the need to cover up when I went downstairs. I really enjoyed
comparing notes with the other guests and feel I have made life
long friends. The food is excellent and the beds are so comfortable!
I felt very relaxed there. I felt I was ready to go out on the
second day in San Miguel de Allende, but I took Melinda's (Pat's
daughter manages the retreat) advice and stayed in. I'm glad I
did as one of the other guests had ventured out too soon and came
back exhausted. Take Melinda's advice on all matters! She knows
what she's doing. By the third day, I ventured out for a walk
through the lovely town. I had no pain throughout my stay - just
a sense of tightness and some slight discomfort when lying on
my stitching around my hairline in back. The worst thing was having
to lie on my back propped up by pillows as I'm a side sleeper.
And that was just a minor inconvenience! The BEDS are awesome.

Dr. Carlos came to Casa Marino to take my stitches
out on the 7th day Didn't hurt a bit. So wonderful to not have
to return to the hospital. They really know what you need and
how to treat your recuperation.

I was so reluctant to leave as I had really enjoyed
my stay. Now it has been a month since my surgery and I am amazed
at the job Dr. Carlos did. The people who don't know I had surgery
look at me and asked me if I changed my hair or if I went away
on vacation. They see a difference but attribute it to something
positive in my life. I look like I'm at least ten years younger
and the reaction I get from people is wonderful. Dr. Carlos' work
is amazing: what he did to my jaw and neck is far superior to
the work my friends had done by top surgeons in New York City.
My eyes appear bigger and brighter, and I am thrilled with my
cheeks and mouth area. I'm still a little swollen as it's only
been a month, but everyday I see more improvement.

I hope this helps anyone who is interested in having
surgery with Dr. Carlos. I highly recommend him and Casa Marino.

Jackie Dunphy, South Hampton, NY



I never thought I would have a facelift, and I certainly never thought I could afford it. But after recent cosmetic surgery, I now look and feel like a 40-year-old again (I’m 60).

I recently retired and live in San Diego, California, where there are plenty of good plastic surgeons, but their fees are high—around $25,000 as an outpatient.

Why are one million Americans moving to Mexico?

For some people, Mexico brings images of corruption and bribery... But that's the Mexico popularized by newspapers and television. There's a real side of Mexico that you rarely see... And the reason Americans are moving south of the border in droves. I travel to Mexico a lot, and I had heard how much of a positive experience cosmetic surgery here can be. I had heard of places that pamper you and let you recuperate in a beautiful setting after the surgery.

When I found a company I liked, I listened to past patients talk about their experiences, and saw their before and after photos. My surgeon’s fee for a complete facelift is $6,500. This includes a three-night stay in a private room in a state-of-the-art hospital. The cost of other procedures ranges from a third to about half of what you might pay in the States.

I decided to stay the rest of the week in a deluxe villa nearby, where I was pampered by staff who are used to patients combining their cosmetic surgeries with a vacation. The villa is tranquil, and I felt relaxed and comfortable the whole time. The modern hospital where I had my cosmetic surgery is located in Celaya city—a 45-minute drive from San Miguel de Allende.

My friends have seen a huge difference and have commented on how good I look.


I decided that I would go for plastic surgery on my 57th birthday. It seems like overnight I looked very haggard. When my husband took some close up pictures of me and I took a good look at myself, I was surprised. I did not realize how bad I was starting to look.

Getting cosmetic surgery now, before there would be an even greater contrast, was on my mind. Dr Carlos has a style which is like returning from a vacation really well rested..looking so good..not a life changing facelift. This was what I wanted.

I made a reservation with Pat Marino, for an appointment. I had enough time to experience many changing emotions..from "Yes! Go for it!"
to "Yikes!!"Two weeks before my trip to Mexico I read all the testimonials on Pat's website. This was my salvation. It really helped my thinking!!

I went to San Miguelle de Allende a few days before my appointment. I spent time at Casa Marino. I was so pleasantly surprised with the lovely opulent villa. I felt like a movie star escaping to a special private retreat to be private about a secret face lift. Casa Marino seemed like my own private getaway!

Having the private drivers was another treat. Being driven from the airport to the hospital , escorted into the hospital to the Dr.'s office, and having Dr. Carlos step out to greet me was perfect for a girl with the jitters. The pre-op testing went swiftly. Our private room with an extra bed made my husband feel most welcome, even if his bed was like sleeping on a board!

The hospital provided efficiency and attention. The morning of my surgery went by quickly. I was wheeled off for the operation and the next thing I knew was that I was joining my husband for lunch in our room.

Returning to Casa Marino, where we were already checked in, after getting anxious to get out of the hospital was like a bit of paradise. My rest and recuperation could not have
been better. Staying at the Casa can be a real "CHICK" experience. However, having a man around is what made it work for me but I see no problem with coming alone.

I recommend having a spouse or buddy be with you. The time in the hospital can get lonesome and a bit scary!

It was a happy time to go down every morning for our sumptuous breakfast. The "La Comida" gave us a special late lunch to look forward to. The charm of the sweet maids, Estelle and Lucy topped it off!

My memories of Casa Marino are most happy and it is a short walk to the main square! The town Of San Miguelle de Allende is very ethnic and historical. It is "Somewhere inTime." It is great to step out to tour about and get your mind of yourself. The dining in SM is 1st class.

My story is a good one. It is a long wait with a lot of discomfort. I bruised a great deal. Not returning to thehospital & having Dr. Carlos come to the CM offered a lot of TLC. Thank you Dr. Carlos.

I am now home and on day 11. My face is still tender, however everyday I get better and improved!!! My sincere "Thank You" to Pat and Melinda. I really appreciate your personal touch, dedication, and professionalism.


Dear Pat,

I am writing to thank you for Face Lift Mexico and the wonderful package you put together for me. My entire experience in Mexico during me face-lift procedure was nothing short of WONDERFUL!!!

Dr. Carlos met me at the door at the hospital. He was very kind and easy to talk to. He made me feel very comfortable and confident about my decision to let him do my face-lift. It was nice to be in the hospital a couple days after the surgery, to get my strength back and start the healing process. The entire stay at the hospital was pleasant. And just to let your new clients know, there was absolutely no pain involved during my recovery. I was so amazed.

When I arrived at the Casa Morina your daughter, Melinda, greeted me at the door. She is a wonderful hostess and she made me feel very comfortable during my stay. There was home-made chicken soup waiting when I arrived, wow, and it was delicious. I stayed in a nice room with a beautiful inviting bed that was so very comfortable. Casa Marino is so beautiful and a very peace-filled tranquil place. I enjoyed the balconies and the main room for reading was quite nice.

It was truly a wonderful experience and I would encourage everyone to come stay at the Casa Marino, even if they were not having surgery. It is a wonderful get-a-way that offers so many opportunities to be pampered and revived. Thank you for putting this wonderful package together for me. Strangers come up to me all the time commenting that I have such a beautiful face. I tell them they can, too. I am recommending Face Lift Mexico to all my friends and family.


I want to thank you so much for everything. My trip to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico was great!!

Everything went well and it happened just the way you said it would. It was nice to have someone pick me up at the airport! Juan Manuel, my driver; was so nice. He took
care of me from the moment I arrived until he put me in Dr. Carlos' hands. He came out to meet me in the lobby.

Then, Dr. Carlos was like in ANGEL to me. What a man! I wish we had a great doctor in the U.S.A. like him; he is so personable and professional. I was very nervous but
he gave me peace of mind. I knew I was in good hands.

Surgery went well the next morning. The hospital is clean, nice and the hospital staff all wonderful. I was so glad I spent three nights in the hospital because you NEED to
be taken care of. I do not know how women in the U.S. have been sent home the day after surgery.

I do appreciate every day that Dr. Carlos visited my room, (four times a day) to check on me.

For a hospital, the food was good. I had a dietician come to my room to speak to me about eating well after a surgery.

Dr. Carlos is the best!! I will personally recommend him to anyone who's in need of a good face lift! The 3 day hospital stay is so wonderful $6,500 is one third the cost in Atlanta.

Today was my first day back to work and I had so many compliments. They say I look rested and pretty!! It is only sixteen days after my beautiful surgery.

I am still swollen , but I put some make up on to cover some small bruises so I look good. I know I will be swollen for at least 3 weeks more but other people do not notice.

After my 3 day hospital stay, I continued my adventure to Casa Marino/Spa Retreat in San Miguel de Allende. It is a beautiful place where I spent the rest of my days. (The maids there are so sweet.)

The driver picked me up on the 10th day for the ride back to Leon airport (BJX). I was happy to have this escort. Pat arranged a wheelchair for my connection in Houston back
to Atlanta. Glad she did, it's a long walk through customs and to my Atlanta gate. Pat, thank you for handling all of the details for me. I am very happy with the new Marta!


Today is July 25, but I first wrote you a letter on the 17th following my July 9th surgery in SanMiguel. That was 8 days after surgery, and I was shocked at how good my face looked. All of my swelling was gone and there was just a trace of bruise under each eye, which I was easily covering with make-up. I took a picture, and on seeing it I decided that my face was still a little swollen, but it certainly isn't any more. Everyone is saying I look GREAT and very rested, but no one knows what I've done except those that I've told. This is such a beautiful, soft look.

The experience in San Miguel was great. Thanks for introducing me to you client from California who came the next day - we were able to be supportive of each other during the first few days, and then we knocked around San Miguel together and enjoyed the trip.

I'll send you a picture of me now as soon as I have some developed and you will see a softer look, with lines much diminished and eyes opened up. It looks great. Thanks again for arranging that great experience for me.


My cousin from Ft. Worth and I (I grew up in Houston and graduated from UH) had our facelifts last August 14 and 15. We were both 69 at the time (70 now - can't believe I'm that old!). We are both delighted. We had no problems - no pain, although there is discomfort. We took care of each other's stitches (clean with peroxide daily) and relaxed and watched movies on TV. The surgeon is a wonderful caring man. I can't imagine having surgery here and going home the same day. When we flew home makeup covered
the bruising that was left, and of course we had sunglasses and a hat. We never had problems with the draining of stitches. Within 6 weeks we were really back to normal (but looked better!).

Patsy and I are so pleased with our new faces. My hairdresser says mine is the best facelift she's ever seen - and she's interested in having one herself. He didn't do my forehead as he said I didn't need it, but now that the rest of my face is so smooth, I notice the forehead creases more. I have not broadcast the fact that I have had a facelift, but I lost almost 20 pounds before going to Mexico, so when I came back out in public everyone thinks my face just got slimmer, too!


First and foremost the doctor, staff, hospital and everyone else will make you feel like a queen. The care is excellent and you will be quite comfortable at the hospital. Frankly I had no pain at all, even right after surgery and I had a full face lift and eye lift. I felt achy, and a little headachy plus that tight swollen feeling but no real discomfort. I felt like sightseeing and enjoyed my time in San Miguel. It really is a vacation. Your short stay in the hospital should cover the time that any "complications" might occur. I was ready to leave the next day!

10 days after the surgery, there is no way to have complications. the only immediate concern would be infection or bleeding or something and I haven't heard of anyone who has had that problem but that would occur before you leave the hospital. You are perfectly able to take care of yourself. Remember when you have a facelift in the states they send you home THAT DAY.

Everyone is different on bruising. I was quite bruised but that is always a problem for me. By the time I got home makeup did a good job of covering up and I just didn't worry about it in Mexico! Everybody in SM will know what you are there for because there are other ladies and men doing the same thing! It was a great conversation starter and I met a lot of nice people. There is a very large American population there running shops, galleries, etc so it was very fun. I went
back to work immediately upon my return.


Gail is a Reservations Agent for Delta Air Lines in Boston

What a great idea! Cosmetic surgery in Mexico: a face-lift vacation/tour, at affordable rates. I called Pat Marino at for more info. She told me she had experienced the surgery and had sent more than 200 interliners to this famous surgeon. My face-lift was performed in a state-of-the-art hospital with a three-day stay in a private room. On the fourth day, you are driven by private car to the mountain Shangri-La of San Miguel de Allende for 6 nights at our lovely local hotel. Going South of the Border for cosmetic surgery is nothing new. I wanted to share my secret.


Dear Patricia,

We wanted to express our satisfaction at our stay at the hotel in San Miguel de Allende. The place was immaculate, quiet, and the gardens were lovely. It was a perfect place in which to recuperate!

While the staff was not entirely bilingual, they totally made up for it by their effort to communicate, their kindness, courtesy, and efficiency. We truly felt pampered!

Before I left for San Miguel, I made a list of restaurants that I wanted to try. We loved the food, the atmosphere and the service so much that we only went out once for a meal!

Dr. Susan

I am absolutely thrilled!

The surgeon is truly the Michelangelo of plastic surgeons. He has enhanced my bone structure wonderfully. My neck looks like a girl's - soft and smooth. The bags under my
eyes are completely gone. Even the blotchiness from a chemical peel done 10 yrs ago by another doctor is so improved (due to the skin being pulled taut), that it is barely noticeable. My 2 biggest concerns - hair thinning out on the temples and scars on scalp showing; and developing keloids around ears (as happened to my mother with her facelift) - never were an issue due to the surgeon's meticulous technique. Muchos gracias and God bless you! Thank you Pat, for arranging such a wonderful service in such a lovely setting.


A month after I returned from Mexico I was offered a promotion at my job. I have to attribute this in part to my new positive energy and confidence that everyone notices. I am very pleased with the way my face is turning out. I now enjoy wearing make-up and jewelry which never seemed to make much of a difference before. I love my new face. Attached are my latest pictures.

I never got a chance to really thank you for all your help and support throughout my facelift adventure. From the moment I stepped off the plane in Mexico with my daughter and was greeted by the warm and friendly driver, Manuel, to our return to the airport in Leon, my experience was wonderful. I will never forget the wonderful people who took perfect care of my daughter, Sharon and I. I was at complete ease about my surgery. Dr. Carlos visited me twice a day at the hospital and gave me his cell phone number for any question I had.

At Casa Marino, Melinda was a fantastic hostess and a great source of comfort and support. Both my daughter and I loved her and would like to return to the spa someday. It was the most relaxing experience and a perfect healing rest for me. I met some lovely people at the spa and made new friends from the experience. And of course San Miguel was a fabulous city to see. So I had a wonderful vacation and returned refreshed and energized. I was able to return to work in 2 and1/2 weeks after the surgery no one could figure out what I did to look so good, but I received so may compliments. I am going through a very exciting change in my life. I feel as if I've set the clock back and I'm enjoying every minute of it.

Please thank everyone for me. I will surely recommend your services to all my friends.