I never thought I would have a facelift, and I certainly never thought I could afford it. But after recent cosmetic surgery, I now look and feel like a 40-year-old again (I’m 60).

I recently retired and live in San Diego, California, where there are plenty of good plastic surgeons, but their fees are high—around $25,000 as an outpatient.

Why are one million Americans moving to Mexico?

For some people, Mexico brings images of corruption and bribery… But that’s the Mexico popularized by newspapers and television. There’s a real side of Mexico that you rarely see… And the reason Americans are moving south of the border in droves. I travel to Mexico a lot, and I had heard how much of a positive experience cosmetic surgery here can be. I had heard of places that pamper you and let you recuperate in a beautiful setting after the surgery.

When I found a company I liked, I listened to past patients talk about their experiences, and saw their before and after photos. My surgeon’s fee for a complete facelift is $6,500. This includes a three-night stay in a private room in a state-of-the-art hospital. The cost of other procedures ranges from a third to about half of what you might pay in the States.

I decided to stay the rest of the week in a deluxe villa nearby, where I was pampered by staff who are used to patients combining their cosmetic surgeries with a vacation. The villa is tranquil, and I felt relaxed and comfortable the whole time. The modern hospital where I had my cosmetic surgery is located in Celaya city—a 45-minute drive from San Miguel de Allende.

My friends have seen a huge difference and have commented on how good I look.