First and foremost the doctor, staff, hospital and everyone else will make you feel like a queen. The care is excellent and you will be quite comfortable at the hospital. Frankly I had no pain at all, even right after surgery and I had a full face lift and eye lift. I felt achy, and a little headachy plus that tight swollen feeling but no real discomfort. I felt like sightseeing and enjoyed my time in San Miguel. It really is a vacation. Your short stay in the hospital should cover the time that any “complications” might occur. I was ready to leave the next day!

10 days after the surgery, there is no way to have complications. the only immediate concern would be infection or bleeding or something and I haven’t heard of anyone who has had that problem but that would occur before you leave the hospital. You are perfectly able to take care of yourself. Remember when you have a facelift in the states they send you home THAT DAY.

Everyone is different on bruising. I was quite bruised but that is always a problem for me. By the time I got home makeup did a good job of covering up and I just didn’t worry about it in Mexico! Everybody in SM will know what you are there for because there are other ladies and men doing the same thing! It was a great conversation starter and I met a lot of nice people. There is a very large American population there running shops, galleries, etc so it was very fun. I went
back to work immediately upon my return.