I want to thank you so much for everything. My trip to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico was great!!

Everything went well and it happened just the way you said it would. It was nice to have someone pick me up at the airport! Juan Manuel, my driver; was so nice. He took
care of me from the moment I arrived until he put me in Dr. Carlos’ hands. He came out to meet me in the lobby.

Then, Dr. Carlos was like in ANGEL to me. What a man! I wish we had a great doctor in the U.S.A. like him; he is so personable and professional. I was very nervous but
he gave me peace of mind. I knew I was in good hands.

Surgery went well the next morning. The hospital is clean, nice and the hospital staff all wonderful. I was so glad I spent three nights in the hospital because you NEED to
be taken care of. I do not know how women in the U.S. have been sent home the day after surgery.

I do appreciate every day that Dr. Carlos visited my room, (four times a day) to check on me.

For a hospital, the food was good. I had a dietician come to my room to speak to me about eating well after a surgery.

Dr. Carlos is the best!! I will personally recommend him to anyone who’s in need of a good face lift! The 3 day hospital stay is so wonderful $6,500 is one third the cost in Atlanta.

Today was my first day back to work and I had so many compliments. They say I look rested and pretty!! It is only sixteen days after my beautiful surgery.

I am still swollen , but I put some make up on to cover some small bruises so I look good. I know I will be swollen for at least 3 weeks more but other people do not notice.

After my 3 day hospital stay, I continued my adventure to Casa Marino/Spa Retreat in San Miguel de Allende. It is a beautiful place where I spent the rest of my days. (The maids there are so sweet.)

The driver picked me up on the 10th day for the ride back to Leon airport (BJX). I was happy to have this escort. Pat arranged a wheelchair for my connection in Houston back
to Atlanta. Glad she did, it’s a long walk through customs and to my Atlanta gate. Pat, thank you for handling all of the details for me. I am very happy with the new Marta!