I decided that I would go for plastic surgery on my 57th birthday. It seems like overnight I looked very haggard. When my husband took some close up pictures of me and I took a good look at myself, I was surprised. I did not realize how bad I was starting to look.

Getting cosmetic surgery now, before there would be an even greater contrast, was on my mind. Dr Carlos has a style which is like returning from a vacation really well rested..looking so good..not a life changing facelift. This was what I wanted.

I made a reservation with Pat Marino, www.faceliftmexico.com for an appointment. I had enough time to experience many changing emotions..from “Yes! Go for it!”
to “Yikes!!”Two weeks before my trip to Mexico I read all the testimonials on Pat’s website. This was my salvation. It really helped my thinking!!

I went to San Miguelle de Allende a few days before my appointment. I spent time at Casa Marino. I was so pleasantly surprised with the lovely opulent villa. I felt like a movie star escaping to a special private retreat to be private about a secret face lift. Casa Marino seemed like my own private getaway!

Having the private drivers was another treat. Being driven from the airport to the hospital , escorted into the hospital to the Dr.’s office, and having Dr. Carlos step out to greet me was perfect for a girl with the jitters. The pre-op testing went swiftly. Our private room with an extra bed made my husband feel most welcome, even if his bed was like sleeping on a board!

The hospital provided efficiency and attention. The morning of my surgery went by quickly. I was wheeled off for the operation and the next thing I knew was that I was joining my husband for lunch in our room.

Returning to Casa Marino, where we were already checked in, after getting anxious to get out of the hospital was like a bit of paradise. My rest and recuperation could not have
been better. Staying at the Casa can be a real “CHICK” experience. However, having a man around is what made it work for me but I see no problem with coming alone.

I recommend having a spouse or buddy be with you. The time in the hospital can get lonesome and a bit scary!

It was a happy time to go down every morning for our sumptuous breakfast. The “La Comida” gave us a special late lunch to look forward to. The charm of the sweet maids, Estelle and Lucy topped it off!

My memories of Casa Marino are most happy and it is a short walk to the main square! The town Of San Miguelle de Allende is very ethnic and historical. It is “Somewhere inTime.” It is great to step out to tour about and get your mind of yourself. The dining in SM is 1st class.

My story is a good one. It is a long wait with a lot of discomfort. I bruised a great deal. Not returning to thehospital & having Dr. Carlos come to the CM offered a lot of TLC. Thank you Dr. Carlos.

I am now home and on day 11. My face is still tender, however everyday I get better looking…new and improved!!! My sincere “Thank You” to Pat and Melinda. I really appreciate your personal touch, dedication, and professionalism.