Joe and Jeannie

Thank you letter to Pat from Joe, U.S. Army and his wife Jeannie a realtor in Houston. They are a spousal couple in late 50’s.

Dear Pat,

well, we are better than fine….i am almost to

a natural look….still find a scab or a little wound here and there. the best part for me is i get up in the morning and like what i see….i look and say thank you to the surgeon and andre everyday. not only did the surgeon make me look better, andre reinforced it with her attention to detail and lots of explanations on how to care for yourself during recovery.

i am so happy that not only has my looks been transformed, so has my personality. i feel manicured and confident, consequently joe has a lot easier life. we took pictures of before and after and in between…i will send to you please send back as it is the only set i made….

i will also send you one of me just two months after and you will see a fresh and pleasant face…..i can’t frown anymore, the surgeon fixed that in more ways than one.

i am a very open person and i had told all my clients/loan officers i do appraisals for and they have looked and examined my very few scars and are amazed at how i look. they are very curious and questioning how this amount of transformation could have taken so little time to mend plus absolutely minimum discomfort…i use discomfort as pain really did not enter into the picture.

for me lipo is next, face surgery will not happen again in this life i don’t suspect, but for me, sunny happy carefree confident, ready to tackle work in an aggressive manner continues with a new lease on life….i can do all these things, because i have the face to do it with….now if i just had the body!!!!!

you have a wonderful face day….we do everyday!!!!

Jeannie Hall

Dear Pat,

Just to reinforce what Jeannie has said;

  1. She looks 20 years younger. The transformation is really outstanding. The surgery did more that change the way Jeannie looked, but also changed her outlook. And it is true. She tells EVERYBODY about the procedure, about the surgery and about how she feels about the cosmetic surgeon.
  2. As for me, Jeannie says that I look younger and according to the pictures that were made before we left, I can see where that is true. The most amazing thing is that immediately after the surgery I started growing a moustache,
    so that when I came back to work, the only comment was that I looked really rested and they thought the moustache looked good. A classic case of misdirection. To this day no one in my family or at work know that I had the surgery and I plan on keeping it that way. All the folks that I work with think I am in my late 40’s.
  3. I apologize for not taking the time to write sooner, but have been especially busy on this project for DOD and army, however please forward this to the surgeon. I did not have any reservations about his technical expertise. If I had, we would not have gone. The care we were given while in the hospital and during recovery were outstanding. the surgeon shows a degree of concern for his patients and their welfare and well being that is exemplary.
  4. The only thing that I would have done differently would be to leave the stitches in below my earlobe a while longer. I am a rough sleeper and the area immediately below my left ear came “unstuck”. It took another several weeks for this area to re-heal.
  5. Massaging the areas is certainly bringing the “feeling” back into these areas and the sensitivity is returning. Men may be more aware of this than women because of shaving once or twice daily.

Again, the cosmetic surgeon and staff are great. The arrangements made through your office were a cut above and could not be better. I especially appreciate your extra help on departure day due to the missed flight. Jeannie and I would be happy to talk to any future clients and feel free to forward this to anyone.