Dear Pat:

I had been thinking about getting a facelift for
about two years and did a lot of research online and through friends
before choosing Dr. Carlos. It was a big decision to do surgery
in Mexico.

All the questions one has. were whirling in my
mind: are the hospitals safe? Do they know what they’re doing?
Well, choosing Dr. Carlos was the best decision I made. He doesn’t
use staples behind the ears like so many surgeons do. He believes
they can cause puckering behind and he chooses to use stitches.
It’s more time consuming but the results are so much better. My
friends who have had stapling do appear to have some form of puckering.
He also does not use lipo suction around the jaw line and neck.
Lipo can cause small dents. He removes all fat by hand. Again,
more time consuming, but the results are so much better.

Dr. Carlos only does one facelift surgery a day.
Most of the top surgeons I researched do several and the famous
ones don’t do the surgery themselves – they have their assistants
do it while they oversee. That really bothered me.

From the moment I met him, I knew I did the right thing.

The hospital is extremely clean and the staff couldn’t
have been nicer. I checked into the hospital the day before my
surgery and met with Dr. Carlos. He explained everything to me
and took photos. One thing I was hesitant about was the brow lift.
I felt I didn’t need it. But again Dr. Carlos was correct in explaining
the face is a circle and doing it for me.

The difference was subtle but amazing. The night
before surgery he came to see me and gave me a sleeping pill which
was nice as I was a little nervous. The next morning I was given
a sedative intravenously in my room and the last thing I remember
was being wheeled to the O.R. Dr. Carlos does not use a general
anesthesia – he uses a local IV sedation, and puts you to sleep
with a sedative which is preferable as it is much less dangerous
and you don’t have all of the after effects such as vomiting etc.

I slept most of the day and through the night and
was a little groggy. The hospital beds are hard and not very comfortable;
I ended up going over to the lazy boy in my room and sleeping
in that. I had no pain – just a sense of tightness on my face
and neck. It felt good to have a shower on the third day and wash
my hair. I felt a little nervous what with all the stitches around
my ears and everything, so I did it very gently…….and if I
had needed assistance the nurse was right there…..best part
of being in a private room in the hospital…….

On the fourth day after my arrival, I was picked
up by the driver and went to San Miguel de Allende to Casa Marino.
It’s a lovely place and very comfortable. What I loved best about
it was that everyone who stayed there had surgery so I didn’t
feel the need to cover up when I went downstairs. I really enjoyed
comparing notes with the other guests and feel I have made life
long friends. The food is excellent and the beds are so comfortable!
I felt very relaxed there. I felt I was ready to go out on the
second day in San Miguel de Allende, but I took Melinda’s (Pat’s
daughter manages the retreat) advice and stayed in. I’m glad I
did as one of the other guests had ventured out too soon and came
back exhausted. Take Melinda’s advice on all matters! She knows
what she’s doing. By the third day, I ventured out for a walk
through the lovely town. I had no pain throughout my stay – just
a sense of tightness and some slight discomfort when lying on
my stitching around my hairline in back. The worst thing was having
to lie on my back propped up by pillows as I’m a side sleeper.
And that was just a minor inconvenience! The BEDS are awesome.

Dr. Carlos came to Casa Marino to take my stitches
out on the 7th day Didn’t hurt a bit. So wonderful to not have
to return to the hospital. They really know what you need and
how to treat your recuperation.

I was so reluctant to leave as I had really enjoyed
my stay. Now it has been a month since my surgery and I am amazed
at the job Dr. Carlos did. The people who don’t know I had surgery
look at me and asked me if I changed my hair or if I went away
on vacation. They see a difference but attribute it to something
positive in my life. I look like I’m at least ten years younger
and the reaction I get from people is wonderful. Dr. Carlos’ work
is amazing: what he did to my jaw and neck is far superior to
the work my friends had done by top surgeons in New York City.
My eyes appear bigger and brighter, and I am thrilled with my
cheeks and mouth area. I’m still a little swollen as it’s only
been a month, but everyday I see more improvement.

I hope this helps anyone who is interested in having
surgery with Dr. Carlos. I highly recommend him and Casa Marino.

Jackie Dunphy, South Hampton, NY