My cousin from Ft. Worth and I (I grew up in Houston and graduated from UH) had our facelifts last August 14 and 15. We were both 69 at the time (70 now – can’t believe I’m that old!). We are both delighted. We had no problems – no pain, although there is discomfort. We took care of each other’s stitches (clean with peroxide daily) and relaxed and watched movies on TV. The surgeon is a wonderful caring man. I can’t imagine having surgery here and going home the same day. When we flew home makeup covered
the bruising that was left, and of course we had sunglasses and a hat. We never had problems with the draining of stitches. Within 6 weeks we were really back to normal (but looked better!).

Patsy and I are so pleased with our new faces. My hairdresser says mine is the best facelift she’s ever seen – and she’s interested in having one herself. He didn’t do my forehead as he said I didn’t need it, but now that the rest of my face is so smooth, I notice the forehead creases more. I have not broadcast the fact that I have had a facelift, but I lost almost 20 pounds before going to Mexico, so when I came back out in public everyone thinks my face just got slimmer, too!