Today is July 25, but I first wrote you a letter on the 17th following my July 9th surgery in SanMiguel. That was 8 days after surgery, and I was shocked at how good my face looked. All of my swelling was gone and there was just a trace of bruise under each eye, which I was easily covering with make-up. I took a picture, and on seeing it I decided that my face was still a little swollen, but it certainly isn’t any more. Everyone is saying I look GREAT and very rested, but no one knows what I’ve done except those that I’ve told. This is such a beautiful, soft look.

The experience in San Miguel was great. Thanks for introducing me to you client from California who came the next day – we were able to be supportive of each other during the first few days, and then we knocked around San Miguel together and enjoyed the trip.

I’ll send you a picture of me now as soon as I have some developed and you will see a softer look, with lines much diminished and eyes opened up. It looks great. Thanks again for arranging that great experience for me.